Vendredi 27 avril 2012 5 27 /04 /Avr /2012 02:02

... but I don't know why. I love the Y. And I love New York. I don't know if New York is a symphony, but I know there are two Y in symphony. Anyway...Why doesn't matter. I just love New York. Yesteryear like this year and any other year. I am sad every time I leave New York. And this will last forever, each and every time. […]

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Vendredi 27 avril 2012 5 27 /04 /Avr /2012 01:01

Taken this picture a few years ago. Painted it a few months ago. One day at a time. •

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Dimanche 1 avril 2012 7 01 /04 /Avr /2012 15:15

"24 hours in a man's life" will be released this week, for the very first time. Exposure... At the Opéra de Paris Bastille, Studio Bastille - 5th of April 2012. Warmful thanks to : Stéphane Bullion, for his trust & dedication - Michael Nyman, who guided the movie where it was supposed to go - Paul Auster, for his unique words […]

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Words & Music Of The Moment

In the middle of the conversation, something makes you smile... Because it's funny, or because it's absurd, or because it's charming, or because it's special, or because it's stamped with melancholy. 

"Let's call once every third week."dec '09

"J'aurais tellement aimé [...]
Avec regrets [...] "
jan '10

"- How are you ?
 - Next question..."
feb '10

"- Just be yourself tomorrow. And when it's done, don't drink."8th of March '10

"Dans un album, ce sont toujours les femmes qui repèrent les meilleures chansons"March '10 

"Cette image va maintenant me hanter. A traquer, en vain, ma ressemblance avec ce personnage dans cet instant que vous avez saisi. " April '10 

"- La schizophrénie, ce n'était pas une bonne idée...

  - Être soi-même, c'est déjà pas mal." End of April '10

The woman   : "Do you think the Maestro would like a coffee ?"
The Maestro : "Yes, I think the Maestro would love that."
4th of May '10

"Let's not become strangers..."May '10

"I'm so sorry. " June '10 

"You are now an Official Member of [...]Please be aware of your new responsibilities. Diplomatic regards." June '10

- Have you read this book : "How ego can kill talent" ?

- No, but I wish it could work the opposite way... July '10

"Darling, let's be super-brave..." August '10

"- Qui est-ce ?
 - je ne sais pas, mais c'est quelqu'un. "
September '10

Terrasse d'un café, devant les vagues : "- Chérie, tu as lavé mon pull bleu ?

- Non. ... mais regarde, là, à toutes ces tables, il y a des femmes, plein de femmes, qui cherchent des hommes, qui ont envie de laver des pulls !" Oct '10 

" - How come that you're reading me ?

  - you're an angel." Nov '10 

"Il faut que j'y aille..." Dec '10

"Qu'as-tu fait de ton talent ? ..."Jan '11

"Una vita, tante vite"  Jan '11

"On peut tout apprendre. Sauf l'envie..." Feb '11

" - A lot to remember.

  - That's a good title..."   (Smiles) 18 feb '11 

" - Ah ! Regarde Papa comme elle est belle !

  - c'est vrai qu'elle est belle..." Father & son, friday morning full of light. March '11 

"- Always starting by the end, and then the beginning, and...

 - And then you fill in the blanks." april '11

"Le soir c'est pire. " May '11 

"Our mutual serendipity..." May '11

"Welcome back" June '11

" You belong to this city " July '11

"For ever is a very long time" August '10

" Mistrust anybody who wants to restyle you" September '11

"Eviter l'imposture..." October '11

"One always believes there will be enough time" November '11

" Les choses sont tracées ailleurs " December '11

"L'esthétique sans éthique c'est cosmétique" Jan '12

" I'm going to leave the light on. Please don't turn it off when leaving" Februray '12

"What are you afraid of ?" Mars '12

"No compromise" Avril '12

" Je regarde, et je reviens vers toi. " May '12

"Fragile comme un animal qui mue, quand la nouvelle carapace n'est pas encore terminée." June '12

"- You will receive the first copy by tomorrow - So soon !July '12

"Close your eyes slowly. And breathe." August '12

"UNCONOSCENTE SANTITA / Unconscious holiness" (tattoo on one arm) September'12

" I'm gonna show you everything. EVERYTHING ! " October '12

" Nothing happens unless first a dream". October '12

"- Like grown-ups ? - No, for real." November '12

"I can't imagine her without him." December '12

" It's Einstein, you see ? - Where ? - On the beach." January 2013

"There is a place in hell for women who don't help other women." February 2013

 "Il faut poursuivre ses rêves, c'est le seul chemin possible." March 2013

"I feel good when I am with you." April 2013

"When you think of the amount of information that comes to you every day, you are the one to chose what is relevant, and what is irrelevant." May 2013








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