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A man, a woman. Interior. Late afternoon. Light pouring through the window, forming a bright rectangular shape on the wooden floor, very Edward Hopper's atmosphere. They're sitting on the floor, casually, their backs leaning on the walls, on two walls forming an angle. Thus they don't really face each other. Each one is part of a line, and the two lines reach in the corner of the room. The room is empty, one can see a few packing boxes in the shadow. Somebody is ready to leave. Impossible to say which one, at the beginning of the scene. They speak in a very calm voice, almost whispering sometimes.



Edward Hopper • "Study for woman in the sun"




(the man) : I'm not worried for you...


(the woman, smiling) : I heard that many times. From any kind of person. And now, from you... "Nothing to worry about."  If only... You know what ? I wish somebody would worry for me. 


- You've got the keys. Many keys. You had yours, I gave you some, a few chosen people gave you the extra ones.

- I know. But what if I don't want to use the keys ? What if I know the global picture once the doors are wide open ? What if I don't like it ?

- Then maybe the keys lock you in.

- In what ?

- In a different world, the one you try and build everyday, even though you know deeply it's not the usual one. No matter how warm and welcoming it might be, it's different.

- And that's when I'm making a fool of myself.

- No. That's when you're making some kind of angel of yourself. But...

- (Smiling :) You know that very often you put things nicely, don't you ? (Pause. Not smiling :) But. There is a but...

- But angels may stay on the line, sometimes, in between, hardly reachable, with a bunch of keys that make the wings heavy. You have to keep that in mind, you have to be prepared. To be... Borderline. Light, and heavy. Shivering gravity. No one can tell on which side of the line this is gonna end. Except you, since either way, I think you know.

- Borderline... Remember that movie we loved, "Girl, interrupted" ?

- Of course I do. I know what you're thinking of. The scene when the girls find their own medical files. The diagnosis line.

- Yeah, the diagnosis. "Borderline personality disorder". She reads it, remember ? She reads the full definition. Then she sighs. And then she says : "That's me..."

- Yes, and please quote everything. The other girl answers : "That's everybody".

(She smiles. Then she sighs.)

- So what should I do with the keys ? Open the boxes and fit in the boxes ? Year after year, everybody including you kept telling me that I don't fit in the boxes.

- Then find your own boxes. If you can't find them, make them. Design them. Find your place. 

- And what if I don't have any slightest idea of where my place is ? If I can only know where it's not ?

- (He smiles). You know how your place looks like, even if you don't know exactly where it is. It's just that it's a long way to get there. You finally became who you are, there's no room left for lies now. So maybe it's about time. Time to drop the keys. And use your wings.

- Let's be honest. I can't fly. I don't know how to fly. You know that I don't know how to fly.

- In a way I think you know. I know you're trying so hard, and that's the only thing that counts. (Smiling :) "Nothing to worry about"... : I won't tell anybody that you can't fly. Plus, you don't have to fly right now. Just imagine or pretend you can, and some day you will find yourself flying.

- I wanna see that ! ...

- (He laughs) As talented as you maybe, there's no way you can be the one who flies and watches  alltogether. It's all right, I will be there to watch. And testify if needed. (They stare at each other. She pronounces "Thank you" silently. He looks down, then up on her again).

- Why do you always say the right words suddenly ? Why aren't you mad at me ? Do you... ?

- (He interrupts her, but his voice is still soft and calm :) I don't, It just started with you, recently, strangely enough. I am. I do...  Now get your keys, we gotta go. I'll drive you there. And watch your take off.

She grabs a set of keys on the floor - Keys have not been seen before - . They both stand simultaneously and face each other in the frame of light. They look at each other straight in the eyes during the entire dialogue.


- How come that I keep asking questions and you keep answering them ? How come that I feel so lost when you seem to hold all the answers ? How come that it occurs now ?


- Because you made a decision that required energy. A major decision. New mind, or new skin, like an animal. Hence you're vulnerable. Fragile. That's why I'm trying and answering your questions. Because I didn't make any major decision lately, because I never did anyway, therefore I have tons of energy. I can share.  (He smiles). I can be really good, ya'know, really usefull when it's useless ; so, just use me. It's all right. For once.


- (She smiles in return). You're awfully good. I don't want to use you. How do you feel ?


- All right.


- Would you mind not giving me a hug ?


- All right... How do I look ?


- (She laughs). Are you playing me ?


- No. I'm playing myself. How do I look ?


- All right. When did it happen ?


- It just happened. You gonna be...


- ... All right. I know. "Nothing to worry about".


They stop looking at each other and walk slowly out of the rectangle of light. Once the shadow swallowed them, they disappear, one can hear the man's voice saying, in a light and gentle way : "Let me give you one more key. D'ya wanna know how to fly ? Just move your arms together. And jump."













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